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Controversies In Teaching

Controversies In Teaching

In this important book, William Hare reflects upon a wide range of issues of interest to teachers and educators. He examines, for example, the question of the use of slogans in education, and reviews critically some widely used examples.

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Title: Controversies in Teaching

Publisher: The Althouse Press

ISBN:  9780920354117

On the question of aims in education, he focusses his attention on appreciation (a much neglected concept in many recent debates), and reflects upon the context of cultural diversity and cultural disadvantage. The case for different models of field experience for teachers is discussed in an attempt to expose oversimplified approaches. The role of the teacher in using controversial material is examined, and a number of concepts featured in contemporary arguments are subjected to searching review. CONTROVERSIES IN TEACHING is a lively and provocative collection of Hare's views of significant questions in education.



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