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Masculinities and Schooling

Masculinities and Schooling

The goal of this collection is to problematize the ordinary ways in which masculinities often escape the critical eye. The absence of a critique often stems from the assumption that masculine gender performances are similar.

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Title: Masculinities and Schooling: International Practices and Perspectives

Publisher: The Althouse Press

ISBN: 9780920354650

Thus, simplistic solutions are often applied to issues such as bullying, violence, and sexual harassment in schools with the belief, and sincere hope, that these harmful acts might be eliminated. Yet, there seems to be a recurring feeling of disillusionment when some masculine performances do not change after the practices of individuals are examined in relation to what is believed to be “boy-like” behaviour. There is a need to re-focus the issue of boys and schooling toward a more progressive social and political analysis. Rather than framing the debate within a psychological analysis, the chapters of this collection locate the investigation of boys and schooling within a long tradition of feminist scholarship, thus positioning boys and schooling in the context of gendered, social, and educational relationships.

At a time of panic over how boys are faring in school, this book offers a unique international perspective on the subject of boys, schooling, and masculinity drawn from research by leading scholars from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Finland, and South Africa. The authors of this collection provide a critical analysis of the multiple intersections of gender, sexuality, race, and class in a variety of contexts, including the performance of masculinity in schools; sexuality in teacher education; education regarding men’s violence against women; sport and nationalism; Asian American masculinities; and gender relations, violence, and politics in Zimbabwe and South Africa. This book emphasizes the need for a critical examination of gender that takes into account the complex interplay of masculinities in school and related social cultures. The authors’ research indeed fractures the unified understandings of masculinity and challenges readers to consider new ways of thinking about gender and education.

The Editors
Dr. Blye W. Frank is a Professor and Head of the Division of Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Since 1990, when he completed a Ph.D. in the Sociology of Masculinity entitled “Everyday Masculinities,” he has held four Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada grants in the area of masculinity, the most recent of which is entitled “Homophobia and Heterosexism in Medical Education” (2000-2009). Dr. Frank’s extensive research and publications in the area of sociology of masculinity are informed by a feminist post-structural theoretical approach and focus on the intersection of multiple identities of men. Dr. Kevin G. Davison is a Lecturer in Education and Research Development Coordinator, Department of Education, The National University of Ireland, Galway. He teaches graduate courses in sociology of education, gender and education, and qualitative research methodologies and researches and publishes in the area of masculinities, bodies, boys and literacies, and research methodologies. His recent research on substance abuse, suicide, and academic disengagement in rural Ireland engaged young men in filmmaking and digital storytelling. Guest co-editor of three special issues on boys, masculinity, and education for The Journal of Men’s Studies, Canadian Journal of Education, and McGill Journal of Education, he is also the author of Gender Gravity and The Postmodern Push: The Pressure of Gender and Bodies on Curriculum, forthcoming from The Edwin Mellen Press.



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