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Death In The Stars

Death In The Stars

Death is taboo. Death is incomprehensible, inexplicable: and yet inevitable. This book contains eleven short stories, all placed in the universe of the previous book 'Cluster'.


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ISBN:  978-963-89985-2-1

Author: Stephen Paul Thomas

Publisher: Articity Publishing & Media Ltd

Format; Paperback

Illustrations: The author's own illustrations for chapter headers.

Pages: 248

On the surface, these shorts tell of different events, happenings, stories; but by the end, a keen eye can see they form a larger, more coherent whole—like pieces of a puzzle. Our most deeply held questions of life and death are the threads that bind these stories together. Why do we live? Can we change the unalterable, or must we just flow with our destiny? What price must we pay for undermining fate? What is better: to live forever, for hundreds of years, or just to die in the natural human term? Is it God who drives the process or is it the laws of nature that sweep us along in this life?

Stephen Paul Thomas tells these stories in varied and compelling ways, and there are flashes of enigmatic answers. There’s crime, adventure, even a juridical trial in his writings, both scientific and fantastic in turn. The result is a wildly entertaining book that grips you by the collar and won’t let go. But that’s not the point; the point is that if the soul exists, where does it hide, and will it die with the body?

Only you, dear reader, according to your faith and personal outlook, can find the answers hidden within these stories.

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