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The skybus raced haplessly towards its inevitable fate on the Mars New Home Colony. A cop saves the passengers from death . . . but this is only the beginning. Alex Sverlov regains consciousness in the middle of the Indian Ocean  with his leg tied to an anchor rope . . . but this is only the beginning.

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ISBN: 978-963-89985-0-7

Author: Stephen Paul Thomas

Publisher: Articity Publishing & Media Ltd

Series: Cluster series No.1

Format: Paperback

Pages: 408

Illustrations: The Author's own illustrations for chapter headers


A new world power arises. The New China Empire conquered Asia in two regional atomic wars and is taking its place on the world stage . . . but this is only the beginning. The M-epidemic starts to spread around the inhabited colonies in the Solar System . . . but this is still only the beginning of the story. In this stunning and intricate conspiracy SF novel, the main characters find themselves in the cluster of a Solar System-wide epidemic, while even more powerful physical and spiritual forces are pulling the strings of their lives behind the scenes. A new world, a new epidemic, but the conflicts are the same. You can only find out more about it if you place yourself into the middle of a cluster!

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