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E-Book Antifungals: From Genomics to Resistance and the Development of Novel Agents

E-Book Antifungals: From Genomics to Resistance and the Development of Novel Agents

Downloadable PDF of the printed edition.

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This is a downloadable PDF version of the printed edition ISBN 978 1910190 012

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A list of the available e-chapters/sections for this book are shown below:

• Chapter 1: Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance of Candida spp. to Membrane-targeting Antifungals. Luís A. Vale Silva 
• Chapter 2: Point Mutations and Membrane-targeting Antifungals Resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus and other non-Candida Species. Guillermo Garcia-Effron 
• Chapter 3: Echinocandins: Resistance Mechanisms. Santosh Katiyar and Thomas Edlind 
• Chapter 4: Biofilms and Antifungal Resistance. Emily P. Fox, Sheena D. Singh-Babak, Nairi Hartooni and Clarissa J. Nobile 
• Chapter 5: Drug Combinations as a Strategy to Potentiate Existing Antifungal Agents. Dominique Sanglard and Leah Cowen 
• Chapter 6: Approaches to Detect Alternative Mechanisms of Resistance to Systemic Antifungals. Patrick Vandeputte 
• Chapter 7: New Antifungal Discovery from Existing Chemical Compound Collections. Olihile M. Sebolai and Adepemi O. Ogundeji 
• Chapter 8: Exploring New Insights into Fungal Biology as Novel Antifungal Drug Targets. Rebecca A. Hall and Robin C. May 
• Chapter 9: Strategies for the Identification of the Mode-of-action of Antifungal Drug Candidates. Sadri Znaidi 
• Chapter 10: Genome Integrity: Mechanisms and Contribution to Antifungal Resistance. Raphaël Loll, Adeline Feri, Christophe d'Enfert and Mélanie Legrand 
• Chapter 11: Modulation of the Host Response to Control Invasive Fungal Infections. Flavie Courjol, Thierry Jouault and Chantal Fradin 
• Chapter 12: Antifungal Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics. Agostinho Carvalho, Cristina Cunha, Claudia Galosi and Luigina Romani 
• Chapter 13: Animal Models to Study Fungal Virulence and Antifungal Drugs. Alix T. Coste and Sara Amorim-Vaz 



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