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Choral Conductors Art

Choral Conductors Art

In this beautifully written and comprehensive guide to choral conducting, internationally renowned music educator and choir conductor, Earle Terry, offers the distilled wisdom and accumulated delight of a lifetime.

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Author: Earle.Terry
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 0-920354-32-7
Publisher: The Althouse Press
Pages: 219

Publication: 1991

THE CHORAL CONDUCTOR'S ART is at once a detailed handbook on how to conduct a choir and at the same time a subtle and forceful argument for the integration of the technical and the aesthetic in singing. Terry's theory-in-practice is illustrated throughout with musical examples designed to appeal to both amateur and professional conductors, to school teachers, and to those working in church or community halls.

From Handel's The Messiah to "The Huron Carol", Terry's insight and artistry shine through this original and important contribution to music education.



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