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Exceptional Solutions

Exceptional Solutions

Students with disabilities or special needs often experience serious and persistent difficulties in organizing information and expressing their ideas in written or spoken English. These students require well-designed instruction and academic assistance tailored to their needs if they are to compensate for their disabilities and maximize their learning potential.

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Author: SITKO, M. & SITKO, C. (eds.)
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 0-920354-39-4
Publisher: The Althouse Press
Pages: 153

Publication: 1996

Computer technology, combined with appropriate instruction, may help teachers "bridge the gap" for students with special needs by providing a rich, active, and highly individualized interaction between student and educational environment.
For the past several years, faculty members of the Centre for Communicative and Cognitive Disabilities and educators enrolled in the M.Ed program at the Faculty of Education, the University of Western Ontario, have been studying the effective uses of technology with students with special needs. The results of their classroom research with students of various ages and disabilities in a variety of special settings is reported here in Exceptional Solutions in a straightforward, "hands on" style designed to be of direct, practical assistance to teachers.
The Editors
Merrill C. Sitko, Ph.D, was born in Edmonton, raised in Ontario, and educated at the University of Toronto and the University of Michigan. He is director of the Centre for Communicative and Cognitive Disabilities (CCCD) and has been appointed to the Endowed Chair in Educational Disabilities at the University of Western Ontario, where he has been a professor in the Faculty of Education for the past 20 years.
Carolyn C. Sitko, M.Ed, is research officer at CCCD and has taught English, functional writing, and mathematics to adolescent and adult students. Carolyn and Merrill Sitko have published papers jointly and disseminated the results of their research through numerous workshops and professional conferences.



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