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The Power of Life or Death

The Power of Life or Death

Medical Coercion and the Euthanasia Debate


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Publisher: Oxford Forum

Author: Fabian Tassano

Hardback, 188 pages

Published: 1999

Is your life safe in the hands of the modern medical professional? Fabian Tassano argues that is is not, and that patients urgently need to recognise the hidden agenda of modern medicine. There are worrying signs that the patient's best interests are not the only factor driving the decisions doctors make - particularly relating to the elderly, children, the handicapped, and those unable to communicate their wishes.

'Tassano presents hair-raising case studies...his book is a timely polemic' - Literary Review

'I would not recommend this book as comfortable bedtime reading...if you like an intellectual challenge this one is for you.' - British Medical Journal

'His view goes straight to the medical jugular.' - Nature

Fabian Tassano has an MA in Natural Sciences (Cambridge) and an MPhil in Economics (Oxford). He has held a number of lectureships at Oxford.



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