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Inversions and Deceptions in Egalitarian Culture

An irreverent dictionary for a dishonest age.


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Publisher: Oxford Forum

Author: Fabian Tassano

Format: A5


Published 2006

Why are some areas of culture being dumbed down while others seem increasingly pretentious and incomprehensible? Fabbian Tassano argues that both phenomena are aspects of 'mediocracy' - a new model of society which purports to champion the individual but is in fact driven by collectivist intentions.

With entries ranging from 'ability' to 'welfare', through 'academia', 'cookery', 'genius', 'meritocracy', 'philososphy' and 'stupid', the author's defines how a mediocracy generates a bogus high culture and promotes a mass culture that is crude and sadistic. Tassano explains how the meanings of words such as 'creativity' and 'challenge' are changed to suit an ideology that seeks to subordinate the individual to egaltarian goals. He dissects numerous areas of mediocratic culture, exposing its deceptions and hidden motivations.

Fabian Tassano has held a number of lectureships at Oxford, and worked as a senior economist for PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is the author of Power of Life or Death.



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