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A hilarious novel from previously published, successful author Simon Nolan, about a young woman hired by a special unit created by the Blair government to induce people to be more rational.


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ISBN: 978 0 9558078 7 9

Publisher: Revenge Ink

Author: Simon Nolan

Format: 197mm x 130mm

Binding: Paperback

Extent: 224 pages

Publication: 12 July 2010

Mel Banff is hired by the shadowy ‘Rationality Unit’ created by the Blair government to induce people to make rational decisions in their lives so they won’t waste public money. She begins to interact with a family in Brighton (Whitehawk estates) made up of strange eccentric pink-kneed Kenneth, his overweight, turkey-necked wife June, a pair of twins, one of whom is always wrapped in a sheet, and a mildly hysterical, precocious teenage girl Kelly. There’s also Dane, a young hotshot cousin, and a host of other deranged characters.

Mel soon gets caught up in the family’s outrageous madness: she hears dog ghosts, finds wedding dresses with tracksuit trimmings, and witnesses sex between Dane and (underage) Kelly. In the end, although Mel tries her best to impose rationality and prevent an incestuous and paedophiliac wedding, she unwittingly becomes part of an extremely bizarre ritual in a narrative twist that challenges all rational explanation...Not only Mel but members of her family risk death if she doesn’t figure out what to do.

Simon Nolan was born in Wallasey, Merseyside in 1961. He studied music at the University of Sussex and now lives and works in Brighton. As Good as it Gets, his first novel, was published to great acclaim in 1999 and was listed by Julie Birchall as one of her top ten books. It was followed by The Vending Machine of Justice (2001). Simon Nolan also writes as Simon Maginn and, under the two names, has published six novels and also short stories, one broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Sheep was filmed as The Dark (Sean Bean/Mario Bello, Impact Pictures, 2005) and Methods of Confinement was nominated for Novel of the Year by the British Fantasy Society.





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