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Urban Foxes, 2nd Edition

Urban Foxes, 2nd Edition

Urban foxes are now part of the urban scene, more often loved than hated by their human neighbours. This book dispels many myths (that foxes eat cats, that they will mate with your dog, etc). It also describes the ideal fox suburb, usually Tory, with large backgarden and potting shed.

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ISBN: 978 1 873580 51 6

Publisher: Whittet Books

Authors: Stephen Harris, Phil Baker

Illustrator: Guy Troughton

Format: 210 mm x 148 mm

Binding: Hardback (PPC)

Extent: 152 pages

Illustrations: B&w line drawings, maps, diagrams

Publication: 2001, updated 2009

Urban foxes are now a well established part of town life, and are more enjoyed than hated by their human neighbours. This book dispels many urban myths: that foxes will kill cats; that foxes live by rifling dustbins or that they will mate with your dog. Nor are they less healthy than rural foxes, and in fact they live slightly longer lives. They prefer Tory boroughs where large gardens and potting sheds afford them desirable residences. Some even commute into town to feed and back to the suburbs to sleep during the day.

This second edition includes much new fascinating information on the social lives of foxes, their serial fathering of cubs and their social interactions. Sadly it also discusses mange, which has hit the famous Bristol fox populations particularly badly. But although this population is down to 10 per cent of previous levels, other cities (Blackpool, Norwich, York and others) have new fox populations.

Stephen Harris, the zoologist on the team that made the Fox Watch television programmes, has written a work of rare charm: an entirely readable book that contains much hard information on ecology and animal behaviour.’ Times Literary Supplement

This is a remarkable book: first hand observation, immediate and lively writing, with a wealth of anecdote and background information. ‘ Times Educational Supplement

If you want a sound summary of Reynard’s ecology then this is the book for you.’ Natural World

a fascinating book’ Phil Drabble

Stephen Harris is Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Bristol. Foxes are his prime interest and he has undertaken extensive fox surveys in numerous cities from Nottingham south to Bournemouth.

Phil Baker is also based at Bristol University and has undertaken several specialist studies of foxes throughout rural Britain.



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