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So much choice now, how to decide which tomato to grow? Do you want small, cherry types with piquant flavour? Beefsteak size? Sandwich fillers or roasting tomatoes? An early outdoor dwarf bush tomato with lots of bright scarlet fruit that will fit neatly into a flower border? Fruit as early as possible? Fruit for as long as possible? Terry Marshall has included a wide variety ...

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ISBN: 978 1 873580 72 1

Publisher: Whittet Books

Author: Terry Marshall

Format: 244mm x 165mm

Binding: Hardback

Extent: 128 pages

Illustrations & photographs: b&w drawings and colour

Publication: 2006

With so much choice, how to decide what tomatoes to grow? Which size and flavour? Fruit as early as possible? Fruit for as long as possible? All these questions and more are answered in this book. Details of size, growing conditions, special characteristics and taste for these recommended varieties are included.

Flavour is partly a result of how you cultivate your tomato plants and Terry Marshall includes plenty of specific advice whatever your situation— whether you wish to grow your tomatoes in hanging baskets, outdoors, in a cold greenhouse or a warm one—from when and how to plant your seed to how to train your plants and whether or not to practice ‘leafing’.

Here is inspiration to try new varieties—smoky flavoured purple ones, perhaps, or subtle white ones. With the benefit of growing advice, your crop of tomatoes will be full of flavour and plentiful.

Terry Marshall has grown hundreds of tomato varieties over the years. A lifelong gardener, who, after a formal education, became a commercial tomato grower, and noticed that as yields increased, flavour decreased, thus prompting his involvement in organic cultivation methods. During the last 30 years as a freelance gardener and tomato grower, he has achieved almost 10 months of home grown tomato eating from mid April through to the following February.

Convinced of the importance of sustainable methods, Terry is certain that the production of a satisfying quality fruit lies in the careful cultivation of the plants at each stage. Nowadays he is a warmly received speaker at garden clubs across the North of England where he continues to give practical advice to aspiring and experienced gardeners alike.

To a wider audience he is a regular contributor to a range of gardening publications and a respected judge at Organic Shows in his local area. Continuing to expand his range of varieties, Terry’s tomatoes are a desirable commodity sought after by friends and family alike.



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