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Starlings is a daisy-chain novel set in Brighton. Each chapter tells the story of one of its varies inhabitants. Disparate lives collide in surprising ways, showing that destinies are often shaped by those we live beside.

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ISBN 13 978 0 9565119 2 8

Publisher Revenge Ink

Author Mettler, Erinna

Format 197mm x 130mm

Binding Paperback

Extent 280 pages


In a coastal tower block we meet Andy, a conflicted paedophile battling his urges. Next door is May, a desperately lonely old lady. Their lives are connected by the past and the future. In between are the stories of those they have touched - briefly or profoundly - Andy's violent father, his mother and her transgender lover, May's absent husband, the parents of abducted children, the drug dealer down the hall. Like the starlings swarming the skies above, these characters dance around each other until the final shattering climax when the destinies of Andy and May are revealed.


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