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Bankruptcy Diaries

Bankruptcy Diaries

It’s the year 2000 and Paul Livingson is in his first office job in Bristol. With student debts hanging over him, Paul still wants to live the life we all want: holidays in Europe, booze-fuelled nights of excess, designer clothes and shoes. But how to do it all? Easy! Spending gets even easier when Paul meets Kelly, an inspiring, freespirited singer in a band with whom he falls in love.

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ISBN 13 978 0 9565119 3 5

Publisher Revenge Ink

Author Broderick, Paul

Format 197mm x 130mm

Binding Paperback

Extent 300 pages

But the daily grind in a dead-end job and spiralling debts begin to take a toll on Paul’s life and relationship. Almost invisibly falling into inescapable debt, Paul looks for a way out, and starts to question his values and philosophy of life even as he loses hope and sees his life with Kelly begin to crumble. The only way out? Doing the unthink-able. Declaring himself bankrupt.

Written in the form of a diary, this book is about losing control and learning to regain it. It is about putting individuality above consumerism and asking who is responsible for the financial meltdown that more and more people face everyday. Is it all down to personal responsibility? Or does the system encourage massive debt that makes slaves of us all just for a handful of profits? Read this entertaining, honest and thought-provoking book and make up your own mind.





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