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The Disciples

The Disciples

Specially timed for Halloween,a narrative that mingles humour and violence in a prolonged,delirious ‘danse macabre’

Set in a fractured and nightmarish cityscape,quartet of demented and cultish psychopaths as they embark on a nocturnal ‘Bull Run’.

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ISBN 13                   978 0 9565119 5 9

Publisher                  Revenge Ink

Author                     Mukerjee, Gopal

Format                    197mm x 130mm

Binding                     Paperback

Extent                      300 pages

Publication                31 October 2011 (Halloween)

Price                          £7.99

The Run in question turns out to be an increasingly savage and surreal road trip undertaken at the behest of a mysterious figure known as 'the Meister', whom they also call the 'Lord Baron of Pain'. 

Spanning a single night, the road trip never fully exits the cityscape. Instead, it spirals downward into a morass of bizarre pit stops, necrophilia and ritualized slaughter. Working in subjection and obeisance to their Meister, the four protagonists deliver a rhapsody of torment and bloodshed that culminates with an act of elaborate, celebratory cannibalism.



Gopal Mukerjee is a writer, imagist and provocateur of Indian origin. He was born in Bombay (now Mumbai) India and was raised in India, Britain and the United States. He spent a decade in the American South, for the better part of which he was a self-described slacker, wastrel and trouble-maker at the University of Alabama (where he became skilled at avoiding classrooms and picking lint from his navel). He eventually graduated and moved to California where he worked odd jobs (selling mattresses and then teaching Maths and English to rich under-achievers and dyslexics). He then wrote The Disciples and would later co-found Revenge Ink with his sister Amita Mukerjee. He also wrote The Armageddon Mandala which was published by Revenge Ink in 2009.








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