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Dr Wortle's School

Dr Wortle runs a successful private school as well as performing the normal parishional duties of a parson, and the story begins with the Doctor having the good fortune to find, at long last, a qualified, married assistant to help him run the school. Perfectly qualified Mr Peacocke may be, but married to his American ‘wife’ he is not.

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Dr Wortle’s School

 Introduced by Dr John Rea

ISBN 9781870587068

199 pages Hardback

Published 1992

Bluntly, in the middle of the third chapter, Trollope tells us so, and the whole novel suddenly departs where we least expected:  the denouement, with the Doctor facing ruin as he uncharacteristically stands by the ‘Peacockes’, is surprising. But the freshness of the writing sets it apart, and in the character of Doctor Wortle we have one of the author’s rare attempts at a self-portrait.




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