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La Vendee

La Vendee

Trollope based this novel about the Vendean uprising on real people and mixed them in with invented characters of his own. Henri de Larochejaquelin, the youthful leader of the Vendean troops is heir to property in the province of Poitou, as has a sister Agatha, and a crippled father, the old Marquis.

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La Vendee

Introduced by Mervyn Horder

ISBN 9781870587662

413 pages Hardback

Publication 1999

Charles de Lescure, cousin of Henri and himself a wealthy landowner, lives in Clisson in Poitou and is Commander-in-chief of the Royalist party. His sister Marie is romantically involved with Henri. The principal invented character is Adolphe Denot, the anti-hero and turncoat, initially a friend to Henri and Charles. Handsome, vain, a show-off, he is in love with Henri’s sister Agatha, and when she rejects him, he turns against the cause and joins the Republicans. Trollope’s only historical novel, vaguely similar to Dumas in its range and intent.



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