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Rachel Ray

The simple part of the plot concerns the widowed Mrs Ray and her two daughters: the young, innocent Rachel, and her repressed widowed elder sister. Living in genteel poverty, Rachel is taken up by the daughters of the local Brewster Mr Tappit, who invite her to a ball given by their socially ambitious mother; but it is Rachel who excites all the attention, and whose own feelings slowly awaken.

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Rachel Ray

Introduced by John Letts

ISBN 9781870587129

332 pages

Publication 1992

 Meanwhile, her elder sister escapes with difficulty the attentions of the slimy Evangelical Curate, Mr Prong, whose heart is more interested in her modest fortune than her soul. This simple story neatly exposes the finely-graded sociological strata of an average sleepy provincial town. It also gives us a vivid study of awakening sexuality in a young Victorian lady.


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