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Orley Farm

Twenty years previously Lady Mason has been accused – and acquitted – of forging her husband’s will. A display of unwise high-handedness by her spoiled son Lucius angers a tenant of the Orley Farm estate unnecessarily, and triggers off a fresh investigation.

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Introduced by John Mortimer

ISBN 9781870587273

736 pages

Publication 1994

Gradually, the reader is brought to suspect that she might, after all have forged the codicil which bequeathed Orley Farm to her so, and she may be in growing danger of being put on trial again. At this point Trollope reveals the truth and concentrates instead on the harrowing effects of long-concealed guilt on a weak but not worthless character, who committed a great crime for simple love of her son. An incidental delight is the evocative picture of a real Victorian Christmas at Noningsby, the home of Judge Staveley.


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