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The Bertrams

The Bertrams

George Bertram wonders if he has a vocation for the Church. But his uncle, a wealthy merchant, tries to dissuade him; he takes a grand tour of The Holy Land where he meets his degenerate father Sir Lionel. More happily, he meets and falls in love with Caroline Waddington, his uncle’s granddaughter, who persuades George to study for the Bar, yet the couple squabble and decided to part.

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The Bertrams

Intorduced by David Skilton

ISBN 9781870587820

531 pages

Publication 1994

On impulse, Caroline marries Sir Henry Harcourt, who thinks she will inherit a fortune from her grandfather; the union is doomed from the start. A sub-plot involves Arthur Wilkinson, trapped in his father’s parish, with the pitiful salary of a curate and his relatives to support. Trouble occurs when Arthur marries, his mother soon forgetting that any money she has derives solely from her son. Criticised for being ‘too much like life’. The Bertrams has a dark tome, yet is scattered with comical minor characters.


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