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Mr Scarborough's Family

Mr Scarborough, wealthy owner of Tretton Park, astonishes Society by declaring his eldest son and heir, Mountjoy illegitimate. Mountjoy’s numerous creditors threaten vain law suits against the estate; whist his odious younger brother Augustus assumes his place as heir.

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Mr Scarborough’s Family

Introduced by Richard Mullen

ISBN 9781870587396

510 pages Hardback

Publication 2000

Having persuaded his long-suffering solicitor, Mr Grey, to get Mountjoy ‘s creditors to relinquish their bills against the estate from any potential law suits after his death, Mr Scarborough, outraged by Augustus’ callous impatience for his death, summons Mr Grey to see him once more. He has yet another will to make, because Augustus is not really the heir to Tretton either...




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