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An Old Man's Love

William Whittlestaff, having lost the women he loved to a richer, more lively rival many years before, lives alone at Crocker Hall in Hampshire, looked after by his loyal, vituperative housekeeper Mrs Baggett. Mr Whittlestaff impulsively takes in as his ward the orphaned daughter of an old friend, nineteen year-old Mary Lawrie.

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An Old Man’s Love

Introduced by David Skilton

ISBN 9781870587549

172 pages Hardback

Publication 2000


The reserved, unworldly Mary gradually warms towards the lonely bachelor, and he eventually asks her to be his wife. Mary has only briefly experienced love three years before, with John Gordon, a penniless Oxford student, fresh from the diamond fields of South Africa where he has made a considerable fortune in order to make himself worthy of Mary.

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