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Dr Thorne

In the third Barchester Chronicle, Frank Gresham is heir to Greshamsbury Court, once a rich estate but now much depleted, morgages on the estate being held by the self-made mmillionaire Sir Roger Scatcherd. Frank is under a great dea of the pressure to marry money; but he is in love with Mary Thorne, niece of the eponymous Doctor with whom she lives.

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A book from the Barchester Series

Introduced by P. D. James

ISBN 9781870587587

524 pages

Publication 1995

Mary is in fact Sir Roger’s eldest niece, albeit illegitimate. Sir Roger is paradoxically a drunkard and an ex-convict, a result of killing Mary Thorne’s father many years before. The revelation of Mary’s true parentage helps the eventual resolution of all of the obstacles in her pathtowards marrying Frank Gresham.





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