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Barchester Towers

Old Bishop Grantly has died, and into the vacuum left by his demise- to the horror of some of the inhabitants of Barchester – steps his replacement Thomas Proudie, and his formidable wife. Along with the Proudies comes the Bishop’s chaplain, the oily Mr Slope, and the stage is soon set for a titanic struggle for supremacy in the diocese between Mr Slope and Mrs Proudie.

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Barchester Towers

A book from the Barchester Series

Introduced by Victoria Glendinning

ISBN 9781870587464

476 pages Hardback

Publication 1995


Trollope calls over from Italy Dr Stanhope and his family, and of particular note are the portraits Trollope draws of his second daughter, the fascinating Madeline Neroni, and Dr Stanhope’s feckless charming son Bertie. Eleanor Harding returns from The Warden and her romances within the book form a major part of the plot.



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