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The Last Chronicle Of Barset

The Reverend Josiah Crawley, noble-minded, religious, arrogantly revelling in his poverty, has been accused of stealing a cheque, yet after many plot twists turns out to be entirely innocent.

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The Last Chronicle of Barset

A book from the Barchester Series

Introduced by A. N. Wilson

ISBN 9781870587693

896 pages, Illustration by G. H. Thomas

Publication 1997


For this last tale Trollope calls back some of his best-loved characters. Johnny Eames unsuccessfully tries to woo Lily Dale; Major Henry Grantly falls in love with Grace Crawley much against the wishes of the Archdeacon. But Trollope’s greastest surprise is reserved for one of his favourite characters: the chapter describing Mr Thimble’s discovery of Mrs Proudie’s dead body, upright, one arm clasped around the bedpost, with her eyes wide open, is a tour-de-force. Trollope said ‘I regard this as the best novel I have written... there is a true savour of English life all through the book’.




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