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Kept in the Dark

George Western meets, and proposes to, Cecilia Holt in Rome, and is quickly accepted. But she conceals from him the fact that she has recently been engaged to the rakish baronet Sir Francis Geraldine, only jilting him when she discovered his true nature.

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Kept In The Dark

Introduced by Derek Parker

ISBN 9781870587518

192 pages

Publication 1995

Cecilia’s sin of omission – so innocent and well-intentioned at the outset – grows daily larger once she is married, until she finds it almost impossible to confess. Sir Francis, intent on exacting some form of revenge upon Cecilia, writes a odious letter to her husband which reveals everything, and implies worse. George tortures himself with suspicion and jealousy, and finally leaves her to live abroad. Cecilia – who is by now pregnant – proudly refuses any financial settlement from him. Trollope subtly depicts two perfect prigs, but cleverly surrounds them with characters who are much more human. What he achieves here is a quiet insight into the infinite jealousies of which human minds are capable when they are set – or set themselves – adrift.


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