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Nina Balatka

Nina Balatka

Set in the old Bohemian capital of Prague, Nina Balatka focuses on the burgeoning relationship between the beautiful Nina Balatka, daughter of a bankrupt merchant, Joseph, and Anton Trendelssohn, son of Joseph’s former Jewish partner.

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Introduced by Angela Thirlwell

ISBN 9781870587471

186 pages

Publication 1995

The Trendellsohns own the house in which the Balatkas live, yet when the growing love between Anton and Nina becomes apparent, Nina’s wealthy and anti-semitic relatives try to prevent their marriage. Nina’s uncle, Karil Zamenoy, has in his keeping the deeds for the Balatka house, yet when Anton asks for them he is told that Nina now has them. Nina denies this, telling Anton to search her desk if he does not believe her. He does so, and finds the documents which have been planted there ...


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