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Harry Heathcote of Gangoil

Harry Heathcote of Gangoil

Harry Heathcote is a strong-willed, headstrong young man of twenty four, a ‘squatter’ running a sheep station of 120,000 acres of Gangoil in Queensland, deep in the Australian bush. He has a young wife Mary, and has also brought her elder unmarried sister Kate Daly to live with them.

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Harry Heathcote Of Gangoil

 Introduced by P.D Edwards

ISBN 9781870587655

98 pages Hardback

Publication 1999


Harry has lost a strip of land between his station and the river –quite legitimately- to a ‘free selector’ called Giles Medlicot who has used it to construct a sugar plantation and mill. Because of this, relations are frosty between the two men. Harry’s imperiousness has made him enemies, amongst them a disreputable family of neighbouring cattle farmers, the Brownbies. On Christmas Eve, two of Harry’s disgruntled former employees- with the aid of the Brownbies – deliberately start a fire on his land. Harry only has his aboriginal hand Jacko to help him avert disaster for his station, until Giles Medlicot lends his support.




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