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Ralph the Heir

Newton Priory, in Hampshire, is occupied by Squire Gregory Newton, yet entailed to his nephew Ralph, because the Squire’s own son (confusingly also called Ralph) is illegitimate. Successive attempts are made to allow the illegitimate Ralph to inherit the estate, and rivalry grows between the two cousins for the hand of a beautiful woman.

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Introduced by John Letts

ISBN 9781870587426

496 pages

Publication 1996

Ralph, the nephew, is weak where his is steadier and more honest; his fecklessness leads him into grave debt, and in an effort to solve his mounting financial problem, he unwisely and ultimately unsuccessfully seeks the hand of Polly Neefit, the daughter of one of his creditors. Within the subplots of the book is the story – derived from Trollope’s own unsuccessful venture into politics – involving Sir Thomas Underwood, who contests the election at Percycross.



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