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Framley Parsonage

Mark Robards, an easy-going young vicar, is given the living of Framley by his old school friend Lord Lufton. He foolishly signs two notes of guarantee on behalf of the unscrupulous MP Nate Sowerby for a considerable sum of money. Sowerby makes little or no attempt to pay his debt , leaving Mark facing scandal and ruin.

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A book from the Barchester Series

Introduced by Antonia Fraser

ISBN 9781870587525

529 pages

Publication 1995

Mark’s sister Lucy comes to live at Framley Parsonage and Lord Lufton soon falls in love with her, much to the displeasure of his mother, who has other plans for her son. Mindful of Lady Lufton’s feelings, Lucy declares that she cannot marry Lord Lufton unless his mother herself sanctions the union. It is only through Lucy’s selfless ad tender ministrations to Mrs Josiah Crawley that Lady Lufton begins to perceive the real merit of her character. Fourth of the Barchester Chronicles.



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