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Lord Palmerston

Lord Palmerston

A Memoir by Trollope, written between November 1881 and February 1882, the last year of his life. The author wrote to his brother Tom that he did not ‘intend writing ‘ A Life of Palmerston’, - but a small memoir such as I did…as to Thackeray…to inform those who wish to know a little by a little easy reading.

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Lord Palmerston

ISBN 9781870587839

Approx 192 pages

Published 2003

This work offers the modern reader a vivid impression – albeit one-sided – of Palmerston’s life and career. Fascinatingly, in this account he is revealed as possessing many of the characteristics of Plantaganet Palliser, particularly his stubbornness, his diggedness, and his diligence. Palmerston also emerges from Trollope’s affectionate narrative as thick-skinned, an occasionally brilliant speaker, who played a straight bat in his politics. The author’s sympathies are clearly with his subject, but he uses the work to put forward his own opinions, and in some ways the book comes across as an account of his own times – the Athenaeum called the book ‘a Liberal confession of faith’. Like Trollope’s book on Cicero, this was a labour of love, a tribute to one of his heroes, and an already fading snapshot of an era that was fast disappearing.

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