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The Landleaguers

Trollope returned to Ireland for his last work. His chief theme here was the injustice he saw being perpetrated under the increasing struggles for Irish Home Rule, and it was fired by his anger at the assassination in 1882 of the Irish Chief Secretary and Permanent Under Secretary in Dublin.

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The Landleaguers

A book from the Irish Novels

Introduced by Frank Delany

ISBN 9781870587419

357 pages Hardback

Published 1995

Trollope’s anger was directed mainly at the agitators he saw in Ireland at the time, in particular Irish Americans whom he held to be the chief villains, and here represented by Gerald O’Mahony, who supported the Landleaguers’ cause. Trollope’s Liberal instincts were – of course – for compromise, but despite advancing years and considerable ill-health, he made two separate fact-finding visits to Ireland in 1881 before settling down to write.


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