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The Duke's Children

This is the last of the Palliser novels, and Trollope surprises us, disposing of the readers’ favourite character, Lady Glencora, by the third page. She has already caused trouble, however, by conniving at the mutual passion of her 19 year old daughter Lady Mary, for handsome Frank Tregear; but her interference in this leads, as always, into a sea of troubles.

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The Duke’s Children

A book from the Palliser Series

Introduced by Roy Jenkins

ISBN 9781870587174

565 pages Hardback

Published 1994

Lady Glencora’s death leaves the Duke to turn elsewhere for help with his children. Frank Tregear is forbidden to see Lady Mary, whilst Mrs Phineas Finn is caught between the two and has to take all the Duke’s anger. This leaves him peculiarly vulnerable in a world he has been accustomed to rule. Meanwhile his son, having already introduced Frank Tregear into the family, gets into much worse trouble with the shifty racing crook Major Tifto. All is resolved by the end but Trollope cleverly makes the Duke endearing when at bay, and therefore essentially realistic.



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