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Linda Tressel

Linda Tressel

Orphaned Linda Tressel lives with her fantastically religious aunt, Charlotte Staubach, in Nuremberg. Charlotte misguidedly attempts to make Linda marry their lodger Peter Steinmarc, a middle-aged town clerk, but Linda is already secretly in love with his young cousin, Ludovic Valcarm.

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Linda Tressel

Introduced by Joanna Trollope

ISBN 9781870587709

179 pages Hardback

Published 1999


Her aunt – correctly – considers him entirely unsuitable, though her disapproval derives from her religious scruples. In fact, Valcarm is something of an anarchist, and he eventually pressures the unworldly Linda into eloping with him. But he is swiftly arrested by the authorities and Linda returns to face the music, caught uncomfortably – and finally crushed – between the differing aspirations of three people wholly insensitive ot her own true feelings.



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