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Miss Mackenzie

Upon the death of the brother for whom she has cared most of her adult life, Margaret Mackenzie finds herself in possession of a good fortune, but with little idea of the world outside, and her place in it. Renting a small house in Littlebath, she finds a quiet war is going on, between the Evangelical Society, led by Mr Stumfold, and the town’s more secular inhabitants.

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Miss Mackenzie

Introduced by Mary Warnock

ISBN 9781870587488

330 pages Hardback

Published 1998


Miss Mackenzie’s fortune is immediately a target for several men: her brother’s junior partner Mr Rubb: her cousin John Ball, a widower who lives with his supercilious parents Lord and Lady Ball in Twickenham; and the oleaginous Mr McGuire, one of the ‘Stumfoldians’. She has to pick a way through this minefield, all the time conscious that she would readily give up her fortune if she could simply fall in love.

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