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The Claverings

Harry Clavering is jilted by Julia Brabazon, who marries instead the wealthy, dissolute Lord Ongar. Julia and her husband leave for the Continent, while Harry finds solace in a romance and subsequent engagement to Florence Burton, the daughter of his new employer.

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The Claverings

Introduced by Max Egremond

ISBN 9781870587341

478 pages

Publication 1995

Lord Ongar’s dissipation abroad leave Julia a rich widow, but also the subject of (unfounded) rumours about her infidelity. She returns to England, shunned by Society and friendless, save for Harry, who now facilitates between his fiancée ad Julia, for whom his feelings have revived.

Set at the huge, uncomfortable Clavering Hall in the country and in a London of seedy gambling houses, with a cleverly contrasted supporting cast, The Claverings is subtly ironic, for in some respects the wrong people are rewarded.


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