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Phineas Finn

Ambitious Phineas Finn becomes MP for the pocket borough of Galway. His charm and quickness lead him swiftly into the heart of Society, but he has an overly susceptible heart. Having already left a secret fiancée in Ireland, he almost immediately takes up with the rich and influential Lady Laura Standish in London.

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Phineas Finn

A book from the Palliser Series

Introduced by Enoch Powell

ISBN 9781870587051

631 pages Hardback

Published 1992

Illustrations by J. E. Millais

The romance fails, but within weeks the irrepressible Phineas is seeking Lady Laura’s help in the courtship of a charming heiress, and a duel with Lady Laura’s wild brother ensues. Unabashed, Phineas next has a tilt at a widowed millionairess, Madame Max Goesler: she offers her hand, but Phineas’ conscience at last gets in the way, and he refuses her Meanwhile, his political star is rapidly rising at the Treasury, only to be abruptly extinguished. Phineas Finn is so unsinkable that we are carried along in the wake of his audacity and his unquenchable thirst for life; he reappears in Phineas Redux, where he unexpectedly gets an opportunity to return to the political fray.



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