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An Eye for an Eye

A feckless, self-regarding young Englishman, Fred Neville, attempts to reconcile his moral obligations towards Kate O’Hara – a beautiful Irish girl he seduced whilst stationed with the cavalry in Ireland-to his duty as heir to the barren Scroope Manor in Dorset.

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An Eye for an Eye

A book from the Irish Novels

Introduced by Maeve Binchey

ISBN 9781870587297

169 pages hardback

Publication 1994

With Kate Pregnant, Fred is hemmed in by a promise to the dying Earl not to marry a Catholic, but desperate to try to do the right thing. The tale is bolstered with a set of vivid supporting characters: the ascetic Lady Mary, second wife of the Earl; Father Marty, the priest; the beautiful Sophia Mellerby and Kate’s shadowy father, a fugitive convict. This is a chamber piece, making use of a madwomen’s relentless refrain from her asylum: ‘ An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Is it not the law?’

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