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The Fixed Period

The Fixed Period purports to be the memoirs of John Neverbend, first President of Britannula, a fictional island near New Zealand where a colony had freed itself from British sovereignty. The story is set in the future, in 1980. One of Neverbend’s major principles is that of forced euthanasia: The Fixed Period for life will be sixty-seven years.

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The Fixed Period

Introduced by Graham Handley

ISBN 9781870587594

154 pages hardback

Publication 1998

President Neverbend selects Gabriel Crasweller, a close friend, as the first citizen of the colony to fulfil the demands of the Fixed Period Law, as are his son Jack, Gabriel’s daughter Eva, and Neverbend’s wife Sarah. At the last moment a British warship docks in the port, its powerful guns aimed at the capital, Gladstonopolis. The citizens happily accede to the wishes of the British, welcome their new government, and the Fixed Period Law is abolished.



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