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The Golden Lion of Granpere

The Golden Lion of Granpere

Marie Bromar, the much-loved niece of Michel Voss, innkeeper of The Golden Lion, has loved her son George since she first came to live with the family as a child. Michel quarrels with George, driving him away to Colmar a few miles over the mountains.

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The Golden Lion of Granpere

Introduced by Anthony Juckes

ISBN 9781870587600

160 pages hardback

Publication 1998


Unaware of the two lovers’ feelings, Michel instead encourages the oily Adrian Urmand, a prosperous linen merchant from Basle, to ask for Marie’s hand. Marie is in a difficult position within the inn-not quite family, certainly not a servant, but somewhere in between. Her uncles’ lifelong affection and generosity towards her finally persuades her to consent to a betrothal to Urmand against her will, whilst still hoping for some sign of faith from George.



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