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The Kellys and the O'Kellys

Once again, an Irish setting is central to Trollope’s story, but for the first time experimented with a double plot. The Heiress Fanny Wyndham is the ward of Lord Cashel, who attempts to marry her off to his dissolute son. However, Fanny is already engaged to, (and in love with) Francis O’Kelly, Lord Ballindine.

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The Kellys and the O’Kellys

A book from the Irish Novels

Introduced by Terence deVere White

ISBN 9781870587235

424 pages Hardback


In the other plot, the ill-educated Anastasia Lynch is wooed (for her dowry of £400 a year) by Lord Ballindine’s tenant Martin Kelly, ten years her junior. One of Trollope’s favourite themes pervades the novel: the pursuit of money for its own sake, with truth battling against the constraints of avarice. Many of the author’s other interests appear, such as hunting, racing and betting. Here too, we have his first attempt at a description of a great country house, the gloomy Grey Abbey near the Curragh, where Fanny lives with her overbearing guardian and his wife.

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