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South Africa Volume 2

South Africa Volume 2

In the second part of the book Trollope travels the Transvaal. Here Trollope equivocated, doubting that the British position over racial division was completely right: the British view in South Africa , he felt, stood between the native’s and the Boer’s.

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South Africa Volume 2

ISBN 9781870587785

512 pages Hardback

Published 2001

‘The Briton…knows that he has to get possession of the land to use it…but he knows also that it is wrong to take what does not belong to him…As I am myself a Briton I am not a fair critic….but it does seem to me that he is upon the whole beneficent, though occasionally very unjust.’ Despite occasional such nineteenth-century lapses, overall the narrative displays the author’s broadmindedness, as well as showcasing the mastery of both overview and vignette, all related with his characteristic dry humour.

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