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Phineas Redux

This splendid sequel to Phineas Finn opens seven years later. Phineas abandons his humdrum job in Dublin when he gets an opportunity to return to the political fray in London. He accepts, but first has to resolve the problem of Lady Laura Kennedy, whose husband tries to shoot him.

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Phineas Redux 

A book from the Palliser Series

Introduced by Robin Gilmour

ISBN  9781870587112

628 Pages Hardback

Published 1994

Illustrations by F. M. Holl


Professional jealousy makes Phineas’ rival Bonteen into an enemy, and Bonteen’s subsequent murder draws Phineas into the web of suspicion, eventually putting him into the dock charged with the killing. The wealthy and enigmatic widow, Madam Max Goestler, who secretly loves Phineas, works hard to find evidence to help him. This is one of Trollope’s more complex plot lines and the well-loved characters from the earlier novel have matured and developed as they face a challenging world of corrosive jealousy and envy. The outcome is as satisfying as ever.


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