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Bioinformatics and Data Analysis in Microbiology

Bioinformatics and Data Analysis in Microbiology

The rapid advancement of sequencing techniques, coupled with the new methodologies of bioinformatics to handle large-scale data analysis, are providing exciting opportunities for us to understand microbial communities from a variety of environments beyond previous imagination.

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Bioinformatics and Data Analysis in Microbiology
Publisher: Caister Academic Press
Editor: Özlem Taştan Bishop Rhodes University Bioinformatics, Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology, Rhodes University, South Africa

Publication date: April 2014
ISBN: 978-1-908230-39-3
Price: GB £159 (hardback)
Pages: c. 248

This book provides invaluable, up-to-date and detailed information on various aspects of bioinformatics data analysis with applications to microbiology. It describes a number of different useful bioinformatics tools, makes links to some wet-lab techniques, explains different approaches to tackle a problem, talks about current challenges and limitations, gives examples of applications of bioinformatics methods to microbiology, and discusses future trends. The chapters include topics such as genome sequencing techniques, assembly, SNP analysis, annotation, comparative genomics, microbial community profiling, metagenomics, phylogenetic microarrays, barcoding and more. Each chapter is written by scientists who are expert in the field, and is peer-reviewed.

Bioinformatics and Data Analysis in Microbiology is an essential book for researchers, lecturers and students involved in microbiology, bioinformatics and genome analysis.

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