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E-book: Malaria Parasites - Comparative Genomics, Evolution and Molecular Biology

E-book: Malaria Parasites - Comparative Genomics, Evolution and Molecular Biology

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This is a downloadable PDF version of the printed edition ISBN 978 190823 007 2  Price £159.00 plus VAT* *E-books are subject to VAT in the UK and EU. This will be shown on your VAT invoice. Please note: This version may be downloaded one time only and is sold on condition that it is not copied, printed, or distributed to anyone other than the purchaser. By buying this product you agree to these terms. After purchase, the download link can be found in your Order History. Click on the order number and the link appears in your order details. You will also be sent an email with the link.


A list of the e-chapters for this book are shown below.

• Chapter 1: The Diversity of Plasmodium and Other Haemosporidians: The Intersection of Taxonomy, Phylogenetics and Genomics. Ellen S. Martinsen and Susan L. Perkins

• Chapter 2: The Apicomplexan Genomic Landscape - The Evolutionary Context of Plasmodium. Jeremy DeBarry, Segun Fatumo and Jessica C. Kissinger

• Chapter 3: Plasmodium Genomics and the Art of Sequencing Malaria Parasite Genomes. Jane M. Carlton, Steven A. Sullivan and Karine G. Le Roch

• Chapter 4: Genome Diversity and Applications in Genetic Studies of the Human Malaria Parasites Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax. Sittiporn Pattaradilokrat, Jianbing Mu, Philip Awadalla, and Xin-zhuan Su

• Chapter 5: Functional Genomics of Plasmodium Parasites. Zbynek Bozdech and Peter R. Preiser

• Chapter 6: Plasmodium Experimental Genetic Crosses. Lisa C. Ranford-Cartwright, Karen l. Hayton and Michael T. Ferdig

• Chapter 7: Regulation of Gene Expression. Kirk W. Deitsch and Ron Dzikowski

• Chapter 8: Invasion of Host Red Blood Cells by Malaria Parasites. Amy Kristine Bei and Manoj Theodore Duraisingh

• Chapter 9: Host Cell Remodelling and Protein Trafficking. Silvia Haase, Hayley E. Bullen, Sarah C. Charnaud, Brendan S. Crabb, Paul R. Gilson and Tania F. de Koning Ward

• Chapter 10: Dissecting Mosquito-parasite Interactions Through Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: Genomic, Proteomic and Glycomic Analyses. Lindsay A. Parish, Lindsey S. Garver, David R. Colquhoun, Ceereena Ubaida Mohien, Elizabeth Weissbrod and Rhoel R. Dinglasan

• Chapter 11: The Malariologist's Molecular Toolbox. Alexander G. Maier

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