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E-Book V2 Cytomegaloviruses: From Molecular Pathogenesis to Intervention.

E-Book V2 Cytomegaloviruses: From Molecular Pathogenesis to Intervention.

Downloadable PDF of the printed edition.

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A list of the e-chapters from this volume are shown below:

• Chapter 1: Synopsis of Clinical Aspects of Human Cytomegalovirus Disease. Suresh B. Boppana and William J. Britt

• Chapter 2: The Epidemiology and Public Health Impact of Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection. Michael J. Cannon, Scott D. Grosse and Karen B. Fowler

• Chapter 2- Addendum: The Economic Impact of Congenital CMV Infection: Methods and Estimates. Scott D. Grosse, Ismael R. Ortega-Sanchez, Stephanie R. Bialek and Sheila C. Dollard

• Chapter 3: Clinical Cytomegalovirus Research: Congenital Infection. Stuart P. Adler and Giovanni Nigro

• Chapter 4: Cytomegalovirus Replication in the Developing Human Placenta. Lenore Pereira, Takako Tabata, Matthew Petitt and June Fang-Hoover

• Chapter 5: The Guinea Pig Model of Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection. Alistair McGregor, Michael A. McVoy and Mark R. Schleiss

• Chapter 6: Murine Model of Neonatal Cytomegalovirus Infection. William J. Britt, Djurdjica Cekinović and Stipan Jonjić

• Chapter 7: Adaptive Cellular Immunity to Human Cytomegalovirus. Mark R. Wills, Gavin M. Mason and J. G. Patrick Sissons

• Chapter 8: Natural Killer Cells and Human Cytomegalovirus. Gavin W. G. Wilkinson, Rebecca J. Aicheler and Eddie C. Y. Wang

• Chapter 9: Innate Immunity to Cytomegalovirus in the Murine Model. Silvia Vidal, Astrid Krmpotić, Michal Pyzik and Stipan Jonjić

• Chapter 10: Protective Humoral Immunity. Michael Mach, Anna-Katharina Wiegers, Nadja Spindler and Thomas Winkler

• Chapter 11: Immunoregulatory Cytokine Networks Discovered and Characterized during Murine Cytomegalovirus Infections. Marc Dalod and Christine A. Biron

• Chapter 12: Host Genetic Models in Cytomegalovirus Immunology. Chris A. Benedict, Karine Crozat, Mariapia Degli-Esposti and Marc Dalod

• Chapter 13: Clinical Cytomegalovirus Research: Thoracic Organ Transplantation. Robin K. Avery

• Chapter 14: Clinical Cytomegalovirus Research: Liver and Kidney Transplantation. Vincent C. Emery, Richard S.B. Milne and Paul D. Griffiths

• Chapter 15: The Rat Model of Cytomegalovirus Infection and Vascular Disease. Sebastian Voigt, Jakob Ettinger and Daniel N. Streblow

• Chapter 16: Clinical Cytomegalovirus Research: Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation. Sachiko Seo and Michael Boeckh

• Chapter 17: Murine Model for Cytoimmunotherapy of CMV Disease after Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation. Rafaela Holtappels, Stefan Ebert, Jürgen Podlech, Annette Fink, Verena Böhm, Niels A.W. Lemmermann, Kirsten Freitag, Angélique Renzaho, Doris Thomas and Matthias J. Reddehase

• Chapter 18: State of the Art and Trends in Cytomegalovirus Diagnostics. Maria Grazia Revello and Giuseppe Gerna

• Chapter 19: Antiviral Therapy, Drug Resistance, and Computed Resistance Profiling. Detlef Michel, Meike Chevillotte and Thomas Mertens

• Chapter 20: Cytomegalovirus Vaccine: On the Way to the Future?. Stanley A. Plotkin and Bodo Plachter

• Chapter 21: Vaccine Vectors Using the Unique Biology and Immunology of Cytomegalovirus. Michael A. Jarvis, Scott G. Hansen, Jay A. Nelson, Louis J. Picker and Klaus Früh

• Chapter 22: Non-Human-Primate Models of Cytomegalovirus Infection, Prevention, and Therapy. Klaus Früh, Daniel Malouli, Kristie L. Oxford and Peter A. Barry

• Chapter 23: Putative Disease Associations with Cytomegalovirus: a Critical Survey. Ann B. Hill









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