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E-Book Neurospora: Genomics and Molecular Biology

E-Book Neurospora: Genomics and Molecular Biology

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This is a downloadable PDF version of the printed edition ISBN 978 190823 0126  Price £159.00 plus VAT

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Please note: This version may be downloaded one time only and is sold on condition that it is not copied, printed, or distributed to anyone other than the purchaser. By buying this product you agree to these terms.

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A list of the e-chapters for this book are shown below:

• Chapter 1: Neurospora: The Organism, its Genes and its Genome. A J F Griffiths

• Chapter 2: The Fungal Sense of Nonself. Myron L. Smith and Denis L. Lafontaine

• Chapter 3: Control of Branching in Neurospora crassa. Michael K. Watters

• Chapter 4: Glycosyl Hydrolases: Modular Structure, Physiological Roles, Gene Amplification and Evolution. Alan Radford

• Chapter 5: Quantitative genetics in Neurospora. Charles Hall

• Chapter 6: Genetic Recombination in Neurospora crassa. David E. A. Catcheside, Frederick J. Bowring and P. Jane Yeadon

• Chapter 7: Neurospora Duplications, and Genome Defense by RIP and Meiotic Silencing. Durgadas P. Kasbekar

• Chapter 8: Mutagen Response and Repair. Shin Hatakeyama

• Chapter 9: Regulation of Gene Transcription by Light in Neurospora. Maria Olmedo, Carmen Ruger-Herreros and Luis M. Corrochano

• Chapter 10: Regulation and Physiological Function of MAP Kinase and cAMP-PKA Pathways. Masayuki Kamei, Shinpei Banno, Masakazu Takahashi, Akihiko Ichiishi, Fumiyasu Fukumori and Makoto Fujimura

• Chapter 11: Heterotrimeric G Proteins. James D. Kim, Patrick Schacht, Amruta Garud, Gyungsoon Park and Katherine A. Borkovich

• Chapter 12: Calcium Signaling. Ranjan Tamuli, Ravi Kumar, Dhruv Aditya Srivastava and Rekha Deka

• Chapter 13: Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Neurospora. Javier Avalos and Luis M. Corrochano

• Chapter 14: The Neurospora Circadian System: From Genes to Proteins and Back, in Less Than 24 Hours. Alejandro Montenegro-Montero and Luis F. Larrondo

• Chapter 15: Neurospora Gene and Genome Analysis: Past Through Future. Aric Wiest, Scott E. Baker and Kevin McCluskey



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