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E-Book Applications of Molecular Microbiological Methods

E-Book Applications of Molecular Microbiological Methods

Downloadable PDF of the printed edition.

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A list of the e-chapters for this book are shown below:

Chapter 1: Molecular Methods in Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion: Research, Monitoring and Control. Gerard Muyzer and Florence Marty 
Chapter 2: Using the Power of Molecular Microbiological Methods in Oilfield Corrosion Management to Diagnose MICVictor V. Keasler and Indranil Chatterjee 
Chapter 3: Next Generation Sequencing Approach to Understand Pipeline BiocorrosionHyung Soo Park, Jaspreet Mand, Thomas R. Jack and Gerrit Voordouw 
Chapter 4: Molecular Microbiological Methods Applied on Ship Ballast Tank SamplesAnne Heyer, Fraddry D'Souza, Arjan Mol and Hans de Wit 
Chapter 5: Molecular Characterization of Microbial Communities Associated with Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC) on European Harbor StructuresFlorence Marty, Mark van Loosdrecht and Gerard Muyzer 
Chapter 6: Application of the qPCR Technique for SRB Quantification in Samples from the Oil and Gas IndustriesMariana Galvão and Márcia Lutterbach 
Chapter 7: Molecular Microbiological Methods Applied to Microbial Methane Production in Oil Reservoirs, Coal Beds, and ShalesLisa M. Gieg and Karen Budwill 
Chapter 8: Characterization of Bacterial Communities in Suspected Prosthetic Joint InfectionsYijuan Xu, Henrik C. Schønheyder, Lone Heimann Larsen, Mogens Berg Laursen, Garth D. Ehrlich, Jan Lorenzen, Per H. Nielsen, Trine R. Thomsen and the PRIS Study Group 
Chapter 9: Using the Core and Supra Genomes to Determine Diversity and Natural Proclivities among Bacterial StrainsLaura Nistico, Josh Earl, Luisa Hiller, Azad Ahmed, Adam Retchless, Benjamin Janto, J. William Costerton, Fen Z. Hu and Garth D. Ehrlich 
Chapter 10: qPCR and RT-qPCR Applied to Methane-cycling Archaea in the Marine Sediments of the White Oak River EstuaryKaren G. Lloyd 
Chapter 11: The Metabolic Function of Uncultured Microorganisms Assessed Through Single Cell Genomic TechniquesDorthe Groth Petersen 
Chapter 12: Assessing Microbial Activity and Degradation Pathways in the Environment by Measuring Naturally Occurring Stable Isotopes in Organic CompoundsMartin Elsner, Christian Griebler, Tillmann Lueders and Rainer U. Meckenstock 
Chapter 13: Metagenomic Analysis of Microbial Communities and BeyondLars Schreiber 
Chapter 14: Stable Isotope Probing in Environmental Microbiology StudiesS. Jane Fowler and Lisa M. Gieg 
Chapter 15: Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) for the Identification and Quantification of MicroorganismsCristina Moraru and Elke Allers 
Chapter 16: Quantitative Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) Methods for Abundance and Activity MeasuresVibeke Børsholt Rudkjøbing, Tine Yding Wolff and Torben Lund Skovhus 
Chapter 17: Investigation of Microorganisms at the Single-Cell Level using Raman Microspectroscopy and Nanometer-scale Secondary Ion Mass SpectrometryStephanie A. Eichorst and Dagmar Woebken 






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